Make More Money With DoorDash Declining Low Offers

Make More Money With DoorDash Declining Low Offers

DoorDash you guys are killing me with these offers , i made a video about this and explain why i made it and also i just made it to help others but i love DoorDash don’t get me wrong , guess what ? I Quit My 9 To 5 To Do DoorDash Full Time you can also read how to quit your 9 to 5 too and i am so grateful with DoorDash you have no idea but oh god 😛 these low balls make me sick!! Here how to make more money Declining offers..

Now some of you might say but what about our acceptance ? Well mines is 97% right now , and that was because i didnt know how to be a BALLER and not just any worker out there doing doordash , we here to make money guys not to loose money you got me ?

So this is what happened , yesterday my wife and i only made $72 (BUUUHHHH 🙁 ) when our goal is MINIMUM $80 , but goal is $100 a day , yesterday was YUCKKKY but let me explain why.. I noticed something…

I noticed its not good to always accept every single offer last night we received a ball ass offer of $6 bucks exactly $6 no cents at all for almos 7 miles NO WAY! Thats when i said oh wait a minute.. THATS WAY TO LOW!!!! We deserve better than that..!!!

So thats when i found out , you are fine by declining offers because you are a BOSS you deserve offers higher than $8 and thats really our goal now on.. We onlyy will accept offers over $7.50 now on.. Because we have a goall… Our goal is to do minimum $80 a day but really $100 a day and i have a post that we explain How We Make $100 A Day With DoorDash please go see the video and also the post… But let me just stop talking and see the video below so you can see what happened… UGHHH 🙁

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