DoorDash Is Paying My Bills And Rent , Heres How

DoorDash Is Paying My Bills And Rent , Heres How

You see i know alot of people are complaining about doordash and this is why i made this video called Stop Complaining

Okay so honestly i’ve seen so many people complaining but i have to tell you how DoorDash is helping me and my family also.. You see i hated going to work every single day for more than 10 hours a day..

I used to wake up at 3am to get ready go to work and get out at 4pm i barely see my family when i used to work , and when i found out about DoorDash is was like a blessing that my friend gave me , he barely told me have you heard about doordash? I was like WHAT??? 😛 just like that and he said yea i have a friend who makes $700 and up weekly i was like NO WAY!

By that time all i used to make at work was $315 a week , not lying and i thank god and my friend who told me about doordash..! Because now i drive with my family , with my kids because i dont have to pay child support and i even enjoy doing doordash , obviously its me doing it but they with me so they dont stay home bored! I am so SO so SOOO grateful for doordash!

It pays my bills , it pays my rent , it pays for goods that we need in the house , it even paid me for my new apartment! AN UPGRADE! I have no idea why other people are complaning about doordash , if in reality this is a work from home opportunity and when i mean work from home i mean you make your own schedule and do everything yourself , no boss no nothing..

The thing is alot of people is doing doordash with an employee mindset and its time to let that go because honestly you are a business owner now , you must pay taxes every single year because you do doordash and also if you use EverLance that might help you for your taxes..

All i wanted to say is im grateful and i want every single one to know about it , im doing DoorDash and happy about it.. Join Now.

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