DoorDash App DOWN! Whats Going On?

Alright so the other day doordash app just crashed on me and i wasnt the only one, im in this DD group and well i asked about it and they pretty much said they also was down so we wasnt the only ones with the app down.. Currently typing this , the app is also DOWN! Now i aint complaining just letting you guys know and my advice..

DoorDash aint going no where guys , doordash pretty much when they update their app and stuff obviously it might crash , lets just stop complaining a little bit and lets see the bright side of it maybe they making it way better for us ? Who knows right lol 🙂 But lets talk about it anyways

Let me show you what i mean about the app being down i recorded it and well i did it for you guys to see if it happens to you and DoorDash App Crashed On You , well my advice it just to be patience and lets get it lets get this money!! Lets start being grateful with DoorDash and stop complaning , we can do this!!

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